A downloadable game for Windows

This is my entry into Wizard Jam 4, the result of about two weeks of hard work. It's still very much in a beta state.

Data Complete: A Gun That Shoots Enemies

Starship Rodkin's A.I. has gone mad! Using the ship's replicators, it has created an army of evil robots and taken control of the ship! And you are, of course, the sole survivor.

Your only weapon? A gun made with parts from a ship replicator and a t-shirt cannon. The catch? The gun's ammo is actual enemy robots!

A gun that shoots more enemies... yeah...

Good luck?

Note 1: the game is not finished, I ran out of time. Still playable.

Note 2: OH THE BUGS! Nothing too bad so far. After a bit of rest, I'll upload a fixed version.

Update 1: Fixed a few holes/bugs. Collectibles now work as they were meant too... Collect all five drink coasters for a small surprise!

Install instructions

Download and unzip. Playable with mouse+keyboard or a controller.

You flip the mouse with the 'x' key and adjust mouse speed with - and =


DataComplete.zip 43 MB


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